David vs. Goliath? Nah…but still…

We are so thrilled to have been nominated in the San Diego Union Tribune’s “BEST OF” poll and voting for the winners will be concluding on the 27th of June!  How we got included with THE BIG GUNS,  we have NO idea!  BUT,  we DO know we have the best customers in the world and they have been sharing their love of our little place with their friends.  We were shocked to hear the news and so very honored and thankful to whomever took the time to nominate us!

If you would like to see if we can win the proverbial battle of David (us) vs Goliath (the BIG antique malls), would you take the time to vote for our little store?  Hey, even if we don’t win, we are blessed AND honored to have been recognized.  THANK YOU!

If you’re not a member of SignOnSanDiego, you can register HERE

Then, once you have registered, you will vote HERE

It will take 2 minutes to register and vote.   If you have that to spare, please vote! 

Here are some things you may have missed on your last trip to the store…

We have some fun baskets to use on your 4th of July picnic…you ARE having a picnic, right?  🙂

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