I am remaining optimistic that we will not have any more cancellations of any show that I signed up for and you can come visit my booth at the Red Caboose in Flinn Springs on October 3. The address is 14860 Olde Highway 80, Flinn Springs, CA. It’s very easy to find, just take the exit for Flinn Springs and keep your eyes peeled for (you guessed it) a BIG RED CABOOSE!

Several vendors are planning on bringing their most special vintage items to you! Click on the link below to bring up the map that you can print and bring with you. You can also print one (and see photos from previous years) at www.eastcountyjunktrail.com.

NOTE: There will be tickets given out at each stop that add your name to the drawings for some nice gifts donated by the vendors. Each stop will have a raffle of 2 prize items. The more you buy, the more opportunity you have to win at each map stop. No purchase necessary and you will be given one raffle ticket upon arrival at each stop. One additional raffle ticket will be given to you for every $20 spent thereafter.

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