Here Comes July!

June just flew by for us, with Father’s Day, graduations and the Flag Day Parade keeping us occupied during the first half of the month and a flurry of shopping activity during the 2nd half. 

We are seeing signs of the economy picking up by seeing an increase in the sales of major pieces of furniture.  Many in the industry point to that as a good sign.  We’re happy for us because it has allowed us to bring in more fun pieces that we’ve discovered and we’re happy for you because it’s always fun to redecorate and spruce up a room.  I just put a new chair in the corner of our bedroom and it makes me happy every time I walk in there!

Thanks to all of you who supported me in the San Diego Union Tribune poll for Best Antique Store.  I understand that the results will come out at the end of August.  We appreciate the e-mails and phone calls we received in support of our nomination (and the VOTES of course!).   It really touched us how much you cared!  Thank you!

Here are some new things to see in the shop!  I’ve had to re-take some pictures because things have been sold before I can post the picture, so don’t wait to come in and check out the new items.  As Julie likes to say (and my aching back can attest), we bring in new things EVERY DAY!

This white hutch is one of the things just recently departed from our store.  My husband worked many, many hours on stripping the paint and making it as good as new!  Good job, hubby!

This is the beautiful piece that took its place!  Love it!




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  1. Your shop looks like so much fun! I wish I lived closer!!!

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