Pretty things, fun things, you’ve got to come in!

We hope you pencil us into your calendar to come see the cute new things we have for you at Lisa’s Cottage! 

We have a few new beautiful mantel mirrors in stock…in great shape, too!

I think each of us has a relative that had this beautiful Desert Rose pattern, don’t we?  We have a LARGE stock of this available!

This cactus flower is in bloom at the store and looks perfect in this vase…

The bird print on the right was done by our next “visiting artist” and is an example of her wonderful work.  We are taking orders for this print if you are interested..

We’ve got some cool old car emblems in stock that might be the piece you need for your restoration project or just a cool decoration!

These beautiful pincushions and sewing accents are handmade by a local artist.  Love them!

OK, who had a PRINCESS PHONE?  🙂

Well, that’s our latest batch of pictures!  Thanks again for supporting your small, local business!

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