Spring is Around the Corner!


As usual this time of year, the daily forecast has been up and down.  Makes it hard to figure out what to wear every day, doesn’t it?

We’ve been getting the store prepped with a lot of fun Easter and spring items!  We have some adorable egg cups that came from a local woman’s incredible egg cup collection.  She probably had over 400 egg cups….I’m not kidding! 

We held our first Ribbon Flower class and everyone told me they had a great time.  Ria Roberts, our instructor, came well-prepared and we left the class with 3 completed projects (and new friends!).

And here are the finished products!  I was so proud of everyone for participating and accomplishing so much!  Stay tuned for our next class…

Good job everyone!
We’re getting new inventory every week, so be sure to stop in to see what’s new!

Last but not least, let me introduce you to Charlie.  He wanted to ride the Fire Truck pedal car out front and his Grandpa graciously let him.  Look at the adorable fireman boots!  He loved it!

"Charlie" our visiting Firefighter!

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  1. Dick Fitch says:

    Love the vintage fire truck. My kind if antique!

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