Ribbon Classes in February

Interested in learning how to make a flower out of ribbon?  We have just the class for you!  For only $15 (+$5 for materials), you will leave the class with 3 ribbon flowers in hand that look very similar to this:

If you have a cool vintage pin or maybe an old set of earrings that still have a pretty setting, you can always use it for these pretty items.  They can be made into pins, put on a headband or attached to your purse. The class will be held on either 2/16 or 2/19 depending on what day the largest number of people can attend.  Call the store for details and to check on availability.  (619) 466-2600

Here’s some neat things you can spend your 10% class participation coupon on:

This pretty jewelry box is priced right for your Valentine gift-giving needs!

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1 Response to Ribbon Classes in February

  1. Usha says:

    I think I love you!!!! What a great place to be…and to make those pretty flower ribbons at a great price. Looks like you all had so much fun. Makes me happy just to see fun things like this going on somewhere, here, in La Mesa~ and that is a pretty cute shop.

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