Now comes April…

What a beautiful day we had here today!  The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze, it was just perfect.  Around my house there are dove’s nests, robin’s nests and hummingbird’s nests (those are harder to see but Mama Hummingbird buzzes me if I get too close!).  Spring is definitely in the air!

Easter bonnets in the sunshine!

Easter Wabbits

I got a chance to get my 2 rooms at Collectiquity stocked with some new things.  I finally took in the Franciscan Desert Rose dishes and serving pieces some of you have been asking for.

Franciscan Desert Rose

The “kitchen room” has a new table & chairs set that is perfect for a little kitchen nook or apartment sized kitchen.  There’s also a mini hutch that won’t take up a lot of space either.

Small Ethan Allen Hutch from the 50's? 60's?

I hope you’ll stop by soon and see some of the new things everyone has in their rooms!

6 stack Lawyer's Bookcase is a rare find!

Sellers "Hoosier-type" cabinet

Mirrors and Tapestries on the wall...

Oak Hall Rack

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2 Responses to Now comes April…

  1. Mary Stroud says:

    Have a large collection of Desert Rose, my mothers who is 93 in a nursing home and need to sell, any suggestions?

    • LisaSD says:

      Do you know someone who can sell it for you on eBay? That is the highest return on your collection. Otherwise, you might try making a list of what you have, the type of mark on the back (black older style or brown TV set looking mark, etc.) and what you would like to sell it for and e-mailing some different antique stores with your list.

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