And a “Good Friday” it is…

How many of you are getting the good china and silverware out in preparation for Easter weekend? 

Do you have your Easter bonnet picked out?

I asked my best friend Julie if she would take some pictures at the store while I was at my house having a storage shed built (it came out beautifully!).  I had just remodeled everything (AGAIN!) and was anxious to see how it looked in pictures.   Love it!

REMINDER:  Beginners Ribbon Flower class is next Thursday, April 28 at 9 am.  As of today, we have 5 out of 6 slots taken. Don’t wait if you want to learn to make these beautiful pieces of Art!

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1 Response to And a “Good Friday” it is…

  1. carol whelan says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I live very close to your Cottage and interested in your classes. My daughter just sent me a few of your blogs and I see your shop is a labor of love.

    Can you outline your class schedule for me. I am interested in the ribbon flowers and many other crafts, also would look forward to working with hobby/craft ladies from the area.

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