Wish You Could See It In Person!


These beautiful flowers came from one of our customers Marizabel, who welcomed us to the village!  Aren’t they beautiful?

Just got these new (old) Royal Doulton “Elegance” place settings in the store.  They weren’t here even an hour before the first 4 place settings were gone!  We have 8 more, so you’d better get them while you can…

This pretty little vase is just waiting, wishing and wanting to go home with someone…

Don’t forget that we also have practical things that are pretty, like this Cobalt Blue Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven.  Wouldn’t that look pretty in your kitchen?

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Everything’s New and Blue in January!

In a few days, it will be a month since we opened shop and we want to thank you for supporting us in our new venture!  The feedback has been very positive and we’ve met so many nice people.

Here are a few of the new things you’ll see in the shop this month.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you can get notified of classes, coupons, specials, etc.!

We love the way the Cobalt Glass looks with the sun streaming in behind it!

Do you know how many times we hear “Oh, that’s the pattern of Pyrex my MOM had!” 

This is a beautiful hutch and table set from Lexington furniture (Lexington, NC)!  The table has a built-in lazy susan – neat!

This cool mid-century Lane Hope Chest still has all the original paperwork intact!

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the new photos!  Follow us on Facebook too (it’s on our links…)!  We’ve got even more pictures there!

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Open at Last…

December 10, 2010…the day I became the boss of me!  It was an exhausting, sometimes frustrating journey but my little gift shop in the village of La Mesa finally opened to a welcoming crowd!

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my best friend Julie, who was with me pretty much every step of the way as I hunted, scoured and picked my way through hundreds of boxes of antiques and collectibles over the past 2 years. 

I also need to thank my husband who patiently tolerated our dining room and patio becoming more and more crowded with all my “finds”. 

And I couldn’t have made it to opening night without the help of my sister Terry who helped catalogue all the books and cookbooks I’ve brought into the store and my best friend Sheri, who shared a dream with me many years ago to get out of the mortgage rat race and open a little shop in the village.

It’s been fun meeting new people and sharing in their delight of their newfound treasure.  I feel strangely sad when I have to say goodbye to things I’ve found  that are so “cool” but I have to stay focused on the reason I bought them in the first place.

Still, I’ll miss things like the neat portable stereo turntable:

Or some of the beautiful international Christmas dolls that we had:

I hope Bill loves the vintage Philco Radio I found.  This estate I’d found it in had so many cool, vintage radios!   I still have another cathedral Philco if you’re interested…

For those of you who can’t come in, be sure and subscribe to this blog and we’ll keep it updated with pictures, class schedules and specials!

THANKS for visiting my blog!

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